Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bear Bait: Gay Gainer Paranormal Fiction

I’ve been looking forward to writing this for some time. I started off writing gay paranormal books by being one of the first to introduce a Werebear in a world of gay Werewolves. One of the Werebear’s favorite pastimes is to top an Alpha Werewolf. My Werebear also let me slip the kink of a fat fetish into a more hardcore supernatural fantasy. Now I’ve brought the Werebear back to encounter a sexy nerdy human cub and a work on full on feeding and belly play.

Bear Bait: Gay Gainer Paranormal Fiction

Watch out—the Hottest Leather Daddy Werebear has just hit London. Because of his Bear heritage, the Werebear goes into a type of hibernation during the Winter when he loses weight and an interest in sex. But when Spring comes, the largest and most powerful of Shifters is ready to indulge his appetites for food and rough sex. When he meets a nerdy fat human cub the sparks begin to fly. He can’t keep his hands off the cub as he’s shoveling food into the cub’s mouth and his own. But humans are so delicate compared to Shifters, the Werebear’s mantra has become “Pace yourself, Pace yourself.” Not all human lovers of Werebears survive.

(An adults only story of supernatural gaining and fat fetish that’s so hot your ereader may melt. All characters are over the age of 18.)


He grinned and started walking towards me.

“Barry,” he said, holding out his hand. Because I was sitting we were almost at eye level.

“Geir,” I replied.

“That’s an unusual name,” he said.

“It’s an old Norse name. It means Spear.”

He couldn’t help it—when I said Spear he looked at my crotch. I wondered if we’d be doing it in my hotel room or his. There was always the museum’s restroom but he made me think so much of Paul I wanted to have our first time be special. I normally didn’t mind putting the “did” in “sordid,” but Barry deserved better. I was also conscious of pacing myself so I wouldn’t give Elias yet another reason for judging me. Barry sat beside me, the bench barely big enough for the both of us. His left knee lightly rested against my right one. “Wow—it’s great to meet another American.” His smile made my heart melt. His face was round and open. He had the same sort of innocence Paul had always shown. Until you got him in bed.

His belly was bulging out seductively. All I wanted to do was ride him while playing his fupa like a bongo. He noticed where I was staring and patted his belly. “I put on a few new pounds due to my recent addiction to fish and chips. And one of the new local brews.”

“A holiday is the time to widen your horizons,” I put my large hand on his large gut, “and other things.” I pressed into his softness. I got hard for lard. I smiled as he purposefully pushed his gut further out and more fully into my hand. This obviously wasn’t his first time out at the Blubber Fest. I loved cubs who embraced the big and didn’t feel shame in their size.

*  *  *  *

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Monday, May 11, 2015

McKay's Serial Killer Shifter/Paranormal Sex: Gay Mega-Set

Now available and free at the time of posting for a Kindle Select promotion. McKay's Serial Killer Shifter is the third in the Highland Shifters Paranormal Romance Series.

You can also download the first in the series for free:

This just out:
Paranormal Sex Gay Mega-Set

(Just noticed this has hit #2 on Amazon's Hot New Releases.)

Seattle is a magnet for the Supernatural community, pulling in rare shapeshifters from the lush forests, an ancient vampire or two, and the golden eyed werewolves. 

In this collection of steaming hot tales, meet Billy--a self described “annoying twink” and “Power Bottom.” Billy seems to have some gifts of his own that send his new supernatural lover into depths of passion neither one of them had known before. 

The beautiful Native American vampire Ash once drank deeply from his enemies at Little Big Horn. Now he hunts at night in the gay bars of the Emerald City. Before the dawn he and his new human lover will face a danger far greater than Custer's army. 

Armed with an on-line degree from the University of Phoenix, the potential alpha Dallas has come to the Pacific Northwest to put some distance between himself, his Pack, and his former lover. He's still recovering from the rough sex. He's drawn to another expert in joyskinning—the werewolf Jax. Jax will take Dallas to Run at full moon in his favorite forest, where a life-changing moment will alter their lives forever.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Buck and Billy: Tales of the Weredeer

This is one of the funniest things I think I've ever written. Billy, the self-described "power bottom" basically wrote himself. My friend Dylan put together what he calls the "Stag Queen" for Halloween and his photo inspired me to come up with "Tales of the Weredeer."

Free at the time of posting:    

Billy is in his own words, an “annoying twink” and “a power bottom” who is extremely good at being Billy. A chance encounter in an almost magical garden leads to a night of amazing passion with someone who might be a one-night stand--or something more. His name is Buck and he actually is magical. Local Native American Nations know his kind as the Deer People, and have carefully guarded their secret existence for generations . See what happens when Billy’s own gifts trigger Buck’s transformation when the moon is not yet full. (An adults only steamy Paranormal Romance)


“Hey,” I said, turning up the friendly factor another notch. I inclined my head the way I had learned in the gender studies class I had taken indicated I was flirting and available. I had never smelled the cologne he was wearing—talk about outdoorsy. You’d think if D&G had come out with a new fragrance I would have known about it. I just can’t keep up with everything gay. Life is hard. If I were lucky, Buck would be too.
I sipped my rum and coke and sat gracefully on the boulder/bench, allowing me to look up at him. I knew from my gender studies class I was signaling I was letting him dominate me. The best part of being a bottom was being able to manipulate the hell out of all tops. Pushy bottom, my ass. I mean, literally, my ass is a very pushy bottom. “You from around here?” I started the flirtation fox trot.

“I’m in town for a few days,” he said, sitting beside me. He filled a lot of physical space with those shoulders. “Normally you’d find me out in the Olympic Forest.”
“How long will you be in town?” I asked, figuring this would be a productive question, since I was really asking if we could gently caress (I had dated someone who wrote gay porn for a living—I realized he considered me “research”—and “gently caress” was the word he used in conversation for screwing.) for just a one-night stand, or if we hit it off, how many days did we have to do the dirty. As a pushy bottom, I had learned early on to not work harder, but to work smarter.

“I need to be home by the full moon,” he looked at the fountain, knocking back the last of his beer. I had no idea when the next full moon was. Who keeps track of time by the moon, unless it’s a woman with a late period, right? Why couldn’t he just have said, “Sunday at 6:45pm?”
So, back to my priorities—in town for more than a couple of days/nights. “Have any special plans while you’re in the Emerald City?” I asked as I took the first sip of my drink. That should herd him in the direction of “how available are you to meet my carnal needs, and how soon can you deliver?” I mean, I admit I’m a total slut. In fact, I pride myself on that fact. I’m just surprised he wasn’t inside, completely surrounded by a herd of muscle worshiping twinks. Maybe he had been, which is why he was currently hiding out in the patio. That would make sense. Twinks can be so annoying—god knows I am.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pre-Release: McKay's Serial Killer Shifter

McKay's saga continues in this exciting new third standalone of the Bestselling Highland Shifter Paranormal Romance Series: McKay's Werewolf Ways, Roots & Fangs and now McKay's Serial Killer Shifter.

Publication Date: May 10,2015
* * * * * 
McKay's out of control. After being possessed by the lightning wielding spirit of the dead Fae in Roots & Fangs, the Scottish-American is accidentally blowing holes in the Fae Castle when he gets angry--or aroused. 

McKay and his Fae lover reach out to their past--McKay to Mahihkan, the Canadian Werewolf of McKay's Werewolf Ways, and to the Irish Pooka--the ultimate Shape-Shifter, from Roots & Fangs. All gather in Seattle where they discover the rogue Alpha Werewolf who was the villain in McKay's Werewolf Ways--is on a killing spree, with a hit list of all those who were involved in his being turned over to be executed by an Enforcer--the "police force" of the Supernatural Community. But this Werewolf has done something never known before in history--he's killed an Enforcer. Bodies are stacking up--but the primary targets are Mahihkan--and McKay. 

An adult Paranormal Romance.


Free at Time of Posting

Ash: Before Dawn    Ash drank deeply of the blood of his enemies at Custer’s Last Stand. Now the beautiful Native American Vampire hunts in the gay bars of Seattle, where he will face an ancient Vampire far more deadly than the troops at Little Big Horn. Will he and his new human lover be able to use his powers of seduction and warrior skills to survive until dawn? (A scorching hot erotic romance only for those 18 or older, which features graphically explicit Vampire Threesome Sex and much, much more. This edition combines an earlier version of Ash’s story along with that of the newly turned vampire, Vivian who finds a human lover of her own. 



I had seen him here on more than one occasion. Even for someone who has been around as long as I have, he would be hard not to notice. Maybe it was also because there was something about him that reminded me of a soldier I had known before I had been Embraced. He looked like the cavalry officer I had killed at Little Big Horn. Yeah, I was that old. I was also on the winning side. Custer was an asshole. 

1875 was when I discovered why in our language the slang for White man is “hairy ass.” He had been a soldier as well. Maybe I had a thing for men in uniform. It didn’t take me long to get the uniform off of him. “You’re more beautiful than any woman,” he told me, tracing his finger around my left nipple. In my family, all the men were beautiful, but not all of them were strong. All the women were strong, but not all of them were beautiful. 

In those days I only wore the name Ashutosh. In English, it roughly translated as “fulfillment of desire.” My parents had wished for a boy after they had had three girls. For a century and a half I’ve tried to live up to my name. 

His ass was not only hairy, but wonderfully round. I smelled of sweetgrass and he smelled of sweat and horses. He was curious about us. Over and over again, White men assumed we were somehow different, or that our women’s vaginas were set sideways instead of vertically. I suppose after a lifetime of growing up around hairy people, our smooth bodies must have been exotic to them. They always wanted to touch me. They always wanted to play with my hair. He was the same way. His own hair was coarse and curly. 

His name was Daniel. I remember that even now. I remembered how he had cried out when I screwed him. 

Less than a year later I had been Embraced by my sire. A few months after that, I was busy killing Custer’s men. I made many cry out for reasons that had nothing to do with sex.


Loving A Wounded Hero 

By the NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author--Skye Eagleday. An inspirational tale of romance. 

Clay Jose Sanchez was a decorated hero--and one of the many wounded warriors recovering from a road side explosion in Afghanistan. Curvy Kloe is a new physical therapist who has been assigned to work with Clay, a Latino patient who has managed to alienate 

every other provider at the hospital. But in looking through his medical records, Kloe discovers his girlfriend had been with him through over thirty surgeries, and then left a seven word handwritten note: "Can't take no more. I'm gone." His pain isn’t just physical. 

As they continue to work together in his rehabilitation, they grow so close they begin to invade each other's passionate dreams. It's a miracle that Clay's desire and manhood return. Perhaps it's only a matter of time before he can walk again as well. Kloe has learned to see past the scars and pain to see the true hero he is within. 

(This very sexy and inspirational Interracial adults only story contains scenes of romantic love-making) 


I closed the door and listened a moment to the smooth jazz coming from the clock radio I had left on. When I put my head on my pillow I was gone before Fattburger had finished. In my dreams I was whole again. I could move without pain, and when I looked up, Kloe was there. It was a lucid dream again, and I was aware it was a dream because Honey should be here--not someone I had just met. 

“You’re a hero,” dream Kloe told me. “You’re just the one I want to be the father of my children.” She smiled, flashing that little space between her teeth at me. 

“I always wanted to be a father,” I told her honestly. There had been that slight fear when Honey thought she might be pregnant, but we weren’t ready for that. It was a false alarm, anyway. I tried to think of Honey, but she wouldn’t come. Dream Kloe reached out and traced my lips with her fingertip. She then leaned forward and kissed me lightly. 

“See--now we have a goal,” she growled. “Let’s work on it together.” Dream Kloe slowly began to unbutton her white blouse and again I knew this was a dream because she wasn’t wearing the bra I had been staring at earlier, obvious beneath her top.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bless My Other Stepbrother

This is a sequel to my Bless My Stepbrother.

Jessi Delgato has been called back from her exile at her new Stepfather’s to help her famous father mount his presidential campaign. Senator Delgato has always kept his first family completely separate from Jessi. But Franco—the only son—will also be a critical part of Senator Delgato’s run for the White House. When Jessi and Franco meet for the first time, it feels as if they had both been missing a part of themselves. Now they’ve discovered a sense of completeness. 

Working under the supervision of one of Hollywood’s best known Directors means more and more time together as their attraction towards each other continues to grow. Jessi had lost her virginity to her new Stepfather’s son. Will a history of forbidden love repeat itself? 

(Bless My Other Stepbrother is the sequel to Bless My Stepbrother. It also introduces Franco, who is one of the main characters in How Bad Can A Cowboy Be? How Bad Can A Cowboy Be? takes place after Bless My Other Stepbrother.) 


“I just wanted to check on you. You weren’t in the best of moods when you left me and I didn’t want to think I had offended you in some way.” As he spoke, Franco came into the room and then shut the door quietly behind him. 

“I’m sorry,” she said, not looking at him. “I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately and the Senator keeps pressuring me about how I have to be the daughter that will get him elected.” She looked up at him through her thick eyelashes. “I hated living at my stepfather’s.” She paused and added, “I hated it most of the time. But I never felt the strain I do here. Maybe it was because I was sixteen when he started asking me to go with him to practice how to behave with him in public. Then it just felt like a game—I was pretending to be the fairy tale princess. But now I know it was never about pretending—it was always about trying—and failing-- to be the perfect child.” 

“Yeah,” sighed Franco as he sat beside her on the bed. He put his arm around her narrow shoulders. “Tell me about it. Never mattered what I did—what I won—how many A’s I achieved. I’ve spent my whole life listening to him explain to me how much I had disappointed him.” 

“He has really high expectations,” she said. She leaned on him, her head on his shoulder and she began to cry. 

“I won’t let him hurt you,” he said. He now had both arms around her and pulled her tightly against him. He felt his heart speed up. He had been hungering for her touch from the moment he had almost knocked her over in the hallway. When he had grabbed her to keep her from falling over he hadn’t wanted to let go. He put his forehead against hers. Then he kissed her.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bless My Stepbrother

Devout Mormon Aaron will soon be leaving on his Mission. Aaron is a handsome guy—sexy eye candy that Jessi has been savoring. He's easy to find, since he sits across the dinner table from her each night. Jessi didn't care for her mother's new husband, but his son is a very different story. 

Today their parents are out of town and they have their regular assignment to clean the Temple. But when the Bishop and his wife are unexpectedly called away, Aaron and Jessi will find themselves alone. Sam Ballard and his new wife expect their children to be busy cleaning up the Temple. But this scorching 5,200 word New Adult Romance focuses on exactly what sins can be discovered on holy ground as they get down and dirty. Jessi discovers the soon to be Mormon missionary has been watching her with interest the whole time.

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